Yoga Ball = Best Friend

At today’s midwife appointment, Baby Bunny is still holding out at 2cm, 70% effaced and station +1.  Even though it feels like I am carrying a water balloon around between my legs, apparently she is still just comfy and hanging out. Does this mean I am going to be pregnant for another 2 weeks? Maybe. Could I go into labor this week? Sure.

Oh, and they think she is about 7lbs or so right now.

As things get further along, I am getting mildly uncomfortable. Sitting on the couch has become rather burdensome, but thank goodness Lauren got me a yoga ball. I spend lots of time sitting on that and rocking around. It helps a lot.

The prednisone for the platelets continues to stink and I hate it with each growing day. The fun side effects so far are:

– extra sweating — oh goodie, more “glowing”

– increased blood pressure — fantastic, just what I need!

– heartburn heartburn heartburn — it’s like nothing I knew existed. I have it 24 hours a day and it even wakes me up in the middle of the night feeling like I am just one big ball of bile (nice, right?).

– swelling — again, don’t I do this enough on my own at 38 weeks preggo in summer?

I cannot wait until my platelets behave and I can stop. I go to get blood drawn tomorrow, so let’s all cross our fingers (DO IT!) and hope for a nice increase.

On a good note: I have held the same weight for 3 weeks now — which brings my total weight gain to 27lbs. Not too bad. A little more than I hoped, but hey! I am not complaining!


One thought on “Yoga Ball = Best Friend

  1. Yikes, that prednisone sounds nasty. Fingers are crossed for good test results!
    I’ll have to keep in mind the yoga ball idea for later. Glad you’re still not ‘too’ uncomfortable. This is the home stretch!

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