Needles and Spices and Walking

We know that at 39 weeks, Baby Bunny still has some time to cook, but we are very excited to meet her.

Therefore, I think unofficially, Lauren has decided that this weekend we are going to try to get her movin’!

Yesterday we went to acupuncture, and although she did not do any specific points to launch the baby (she won’t do that until 40 weeks), it was nice to have a treatment for stress. Maybe that will ease her into being comfortable to make her debut.

After acupuncture, we had Indian food in hopes that some spice might get her wiggling down the birth canal. Instead I just gorged myself with tasty palak paneer and naan. It was delightful. When we got home from acupuncture and dinner, we took a walk with the dogs, which of anything made me feel like she was planning her escape.

Walking has become an incredibly attractive adventure recently where I waddle slowly behind Lauren and stop every now and then to ease cramps that I am feeling. I am usually good for the first 10 or 15 minutes of our jaunt, but after a while the pressure that accompanies a 7lb bowling ball pressing on my cervix gets to be a little uncomfortable. But, they say it’s a good thing to do… so today we walked all around Federal Hill in Baltimore and all around the farmer’s market to get her moving. Truthfully, I think the only thing it did was make all of us exhausted because she was very quiet afterwards. We all took nice afternoon naps and now she is wiggling all around. I think we tuckered her out. Poor baby.

Tomorrow’s agenda — more walking, around a local topiary garden with Lauren’s mom. At least the weather is cooler and pretty. I think I would get really sick of walking up and down the stairs if we had to be stuck inside.


2 thoughts on “Needles and Spices and Walking

  1. Orgasms… Lot’s of orgasms… I know you don’t feel like it but it helps release oxytocin. Plus you won’t be having any for a while after she’s born so “try” to enjoy yourself now.

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