Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Well, Baby Bunny’s due date has come and gone and she is still snuggled inside all warm and cozy. 

We are ok with her being in there for a bit longer, but we are getting very excited and really really REALLY do want to meet her. Lauren talks to her on a daily basis (and has since the beginning) and now offers her fun tips of things that we can do on the outside that she is missing on the inside. We have told her all about Baltimore, all about the surrounding cities, all about her extended family and all about life on the outside. So far, nothing had made her budge.

I have noticed some small changes in my body. My baby parts are sore and my belly is definitely achey. I have been experiencing more intense period-like cramping, but nothing with a pattern. It’s more like a constant annoying ache. All signs are pointing towards a baby — sometime soon…

I am officially on maternity leave, as of last Friday, and quite honestly feeling a little bored without a baby in my arms to snuggle. But, it is nice to just relax, prepare my body and do some things around the house. I will go back to work on January 3, 2011 after 16 weeks of maternity leave (all unpaid, don’t get too excited people!).

We went on a walk today, a LOOOOONG walk, and it felt good. Sure, I threw a temper tantrum because I was tired and wanted to go home about a mile into the walk, but she pushed me and we kept going. I had some contractions during our walk and it was nice being outside with the dogs, so it was not all bad.

I have been napping a lot lately, and rather than calling it laziness, I am chalking it up to my body trying to store up energy for labor. 🙂  I also think the napping can be attributed to my recent inability to sleep at night. The baby is totally sleeping, and Lauren is knocked out, but I just can’t sleep. Last night I had the uncontrollable urge to put some library books on hold at 2:00 a.m. and so I came downstairs to look for my library card and place some online holds. Of course, I couldn’t find my card anywhere… but that’s not the point… Seriously though, what kind of wacko gets up because she HAS to get some library books. Really? Come on, Rene!

So… that’s the update. For now, just hanging out and gestating a little longer. We’ll try to update as things progress and change… when they do, one day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Snug As A Bug In A Rug

  1. Any day now! I just realized something about you guys (and truthfully, I don’t know how I missed it, I’ve been following your blog for months!). Please shoot me an email when you get a chance (dosbabymamas at yahoo dot com) and I will tell you all about my astute (haha) observation!! 🙂

  2. I can only imagine the anticipation you feel about finally meeting your Baby Bunny. She has to come out at some point but like a true lady she wants to make her grand entrance on her terms lol So excited for you soon to be moms! Thanx for keeping us updated.

  3. So last night I had a dream that I was hanging out on the side of the building again (I keep dreaming about the rappel…it’s scary even in my dreams!!) and you and L were there just like it really happened. Except in my dream you started to go into labor and it was really really fast and you had Baby Bunny at the bottom of Silo Point before I could get down!!! And I was too scared to “look down” cause of my fear of heights, but I was so sad that I was missing it!! And by the time I got down the ambulance had already come and taken you and L and baby Bunny to the hospital and I was so upset that I missed it.

    Thought you’d get a kick out of that.

    Love you three, and so so excited for the big day (when Lilly Pat decides that will be!)

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