That is NOT the Way Out!

Well, here we are — 5 days late and counting.Β  All the books say that most babies are truly not “late,” that instead there is a miscalculation of the mother’s last period or ovulation. Well, books — how do you explain that to a woman who tracked her cycle’s every move and can pinpoint when ovulation occurred… hmmm?… this baby is LATE. And I know now, that I will be spending the rest of my timely life chasing after a little girl who piddles and bumbles around causing us to be tardy to events. Ho hum…

Baby Bunny has been moving a ton lately and last night seemed to be almost jumping around. I kept telling her that she can jump as long as her little heart desires but that she will never come out of the top of my uterus. Apparently she is a little confused about how this exit strategy is laid out.

I have to say that it is a little disheartening to be on maternity leave without a baby. I have been keeping myself occupied though, and this weekend was no different. Friday was acupuncture and spicy food night with my mom. Both were great. The acupuncture was definitely a little kick-start for Lillian. She moved around A TON afterwards and I had some contractions over the weekend. It didn’t produce anything, but it was nice to get the treatment.

Saturday, we hung out with Lauren’s mom for a bit and then went to her Aunt’s house for Korean food night, which was fantastically prepared by their foreign exchange student. It was really really good. πŸ™‚

Sunday was a busy busy day and afterwards I realized I overdid it. We went to Baby Bunny’s godmother’s fundraiser for work — a WALK (as if I haven’t been doing that enough) and then my dad and I went to the Frank Zappa statue dedication in Baltimore. A loooooong walk and then standing for 3 hours on concrete made me walk like a 90 year old woman for the majority of yesterday and today. But, maybe the gravity of it all will make her descend into the birth canal. One can hope, right?

Tomorrow we have an appointment at the fetal medicine unit of the hospital to get a non-stress test and ultrasound done. Essentially they are just going to check and make sure all is still peachy and cozy inside, and ifΒ it is, she is free to continue to cook for a bit longer. We are hoping all is ok, but that she does think about coming out soon. We really want to meet her!

For now, I’m off to make dinner. I got the cooking bug today, so I am making homemade mac & cheese, a roast and roasted aspargus for dinner — with chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert. Heck, if I am going to be pregnant for this long, I am going to eat like it! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “That is NOT the Way Out!

  1. Hey girl,

    My wife and I are cheering you all the way. Come out bunny!! We just found out we are expecting our first in May. Praying that poppy seed continues to grow and form into a wonderful human πŸ™‚

    Keep us posted!

    Missy and Steph

  2. Hi there, I would love to follow your journey on Facebook – how can we find you?? I can only imagine how anxious and excited you are to meet her – we are cheering you on too!!! Finch and Wren

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