Your First Week

Well, we made it through the first week of life as new mommies. Whew! There were some ups and some bumps but we all settling into a schedule slowly and a pattern.

I have decided to do a weekly blog to you, Lillian, to tell you about the fun things that happened in your week. So, here’s week #1.

Week One — Top Ten Things That You Did/Happened

1. You were born! Yay! Lillian, this is the most exciting and most important part of all. You had some tough spots right after birth, but you are perfect now and are doing just fine.

2. You came home! You were welcomed by a group of neighbors as you made your way to our house. Everyone is so excited to meet and see you. Especially the dogs. Both of them have done very well with adjusting to your presence and it even seems like they love you. They are both protective of you, which causes some interesting moments for mommies when they protect you from each other.

3. You are the most popular girl in town!  Lillian, our house has been a revolving door of friends and family who all want to see and kiss and hug and love you. Despite my protest to having visitors for the first few days, sometimes you just can’t keep loved ones away. It has made you tired and cranky at times, but we are getting better with limiting visits, and you are getting better at sleeping — kind of.

4. You are a new use for tissue paper!  Your mommy changed your dirty diaper for the first time the other day, and before she did, I reminded her to put something — meaning a burp cloth or blanket — under you to protect the changing pad cover. What did she do? She grabbed tissue paper out of the closest gift bag. Yep. That’s right. I came in your nursery to find a dirty diaper, used wipes and a bunch of tissue paper all strewn around your changing pad with a clean baby in the middle of it all. She will learn, Lillian, she will learn.

5. You are a night-owl! I am not sure if this one is true, or if we just haven’t mastered your sleep preferences yet, but there have been quite a few sleepless nights so far. In fact, your Mommy felt bad for me one night and decided to take you through the night so I could sleep (while pumping periodically to provide you with food). The next morning, I recognized a very sleepy and mildly frustrated face. It was the same one I had the day before. It has gotten better though and we are learning that you like to eat, be snuggled for 30 minutes and then go to bed. A manual would have been nice for this one.

6. You had your first doctor’s appointment! Your mommy and I are convinced that one of the best parts about working in a pediatrician’s office must be giggling at the new parents as they bring their newborns in to see the doctor for the first time. Not only did it take two of us to get you undressed as the nurse watched, but we also realized that we had put your onesie on backwards, learned that you had a birthmark we never noticed, and I filled out the paperwork incorrectly the first time. To my credit, I have always been the “patient” when filling out forms, so to fill in someone else’s information was very confusing for a sleepy mama.

7. You got mail!  Yesterday, on your 1 week birthday, you got more mail than Mommy and me. You received your social security number and you received a very sweet and loving letter from Nasrene. She is writing a blog as well and has decided to write one letter a week to loved ones. This week you were the lucky recipient! yay! It is a very very sweet letter that both your Mommy and I cried through while reading it.

8. You are part of a 4th generation! Last night, we went to your great grandparents house for dinner. It was the first time they met you and they were so excited that we all cried. A bunch. Especially your hormonal mama. You get your middle name from your great grandma and so she was extra excited to meet you. Your grandma also was there and so we made sure to get a photo of the 4 generations of ladies in the family. Oh, we also realized — after looking through photo albums — that you look exactly like your mama as a newborn. It’s pretty amazing.

9. You made a whole bunch of laundry! I knew that babies made laundry. I never knew that one tiny baby could make this much laundry. We are already folding a load of clean clothes from earlier this week.

10. You are part of a great family!  Lillian, this week has made us all realize how lucky we are to have such an amazing family. Everyone is so excited that you are here and if they could, would be here all the time. The family and friends that you have already are outstanding and are all so eager to watch you grow and learn. You are one lucky little girl!

Here are some pictures from your first week:


5 thoughts on “Your First Week

  1. Rene & Lauren,

    I love this!!! Congratulations on Lillian’s arrival. She’s beautiful… and so very lucky to have you both as Mothers. She has no idea 🙂 Joe & I can’t wait to meet her next time we’re in BMore! ❤

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