You’re Two Weeks Old! *With PHOTO UPDATE!*

Wow. I cannot believe that Lillian is two weeks old already! The time has flown by — well, most of the time. Not the 3 a.m. crying fits… no, they did not fly by. But she certainly has been growing and changing before our eyes. Here are some highlights from your second week, Lillian:

1. You’re clean!  Yep, since that funky belly-button stump fell off, we were able to give you a bath last weekend. Your grandma Kathy came over to help, and it’s a good thing because your mommy and I were a bit clueless. Once we realized that the tub had to have the feet assembled before we put it in the tub, and we learned that when you are small and tiny you don’t really need a long luxurious bath, but rather a quick scrub down and then warming up, we were good to go. You liked the bath — well, the water part, but not the soap. You showed us the power of your lungs for that part 🙂

2. You’re eating! Well, you were eating last week too, but this weekend you went through a hunger-munger phase where you ate CONSTANTLY. Much to my nipples dismay, your eating like a maniac paid off and you gained 4 ounces in 3 days. You also learned how to latch on better thanks to the great breastfeeding / mommy support group we went to on Monday. This makes your mama and all of my parts much happier. It also means that we are done with the slow 1.5 hour feedings and are now more efficient and are getting it all done in 30 minutes. THANK YOU!

3. You’re sleeping! Sometimes… but more than you were. Your mommy and I have worked out a bit of a routine (sure, it involves us taking turns sleeping on the couch with you, but hey, it’s working and we are all sleeping!), so we are all a bit happier this week. You still only take 1 hour naps or so during the day, but we are getting 3 hour stretches at night.

4. You’re a Trucker!  You can burp with the best of them, Lillian. You are also a prolific pooper and you pee with the best of them. I am sure that one day you will amaze your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and their friends at parties. Just don’t end your burping of the National Anthem with a keg stand, k?

5. You’re a Frog!  Although you have slowly started stretching out your legs more (and kicking around like a crazy lady) you still scrunch your legs up all the time. We have come to call you Frogger a lot and you seem to like it. Then again, you seem to like when the dogs lick your head and when you pee as soon as you get out of the bathtub, so I guess we don’t have a good basis for judgement.

6. You’re a pin-cushion 😦   In your two short weeks outside of my uterus, you have been poked and proded more than we can count. This past week you had your PKU test done again and today you had your blood drawn to check your platelet count to rule out any platelet issues that you may have inherited from your mama.

7. You’re a teenager!  Oh, Lillian. For the first few days everyone commented about how gorgeous your skin is was. Now, unfortunately, you are plagued with a case of infant acne which makes your mama feel bad for you and makes your mommy want to give you a facial. The good news is that it won’t last forever. The bad news is that it will come back in about 13 years.

8. You suck! And we don’t mean this in a bad way. Despite our desire to not give you a pacifier, we have come to grips with the fact that you are one of those babies that the lactation consultants told us about… the kind that just need to suck. So we got you some nice and baby-approved pacifiers and you seem to like them. If you have to get braces later in life because of them, I apologize.

9. You’re tiny! We didn’t accurately plan for your tiny size or your lanky legs — meaning, that we returned and exchanged lots of newborn gear you received for larger sizes. This is one of the many foolish things that your mommies have done. To remedy this, we took a trip to Target today and bought you a few more sleepers (with feet) so that you have more than 4 good outfits.

10. You Helped Mommies Celebrate Their Anniversary!  4 years ago when we had our commitment ceremony, we never thought that we would be celebrating our big day by dining at Panera with a newborn. Ha! It was a lovely little day with you and we are so happy that you were there to join in the merriment. I am sure you appreciate the day also as your mama ate a gigantic cookie that you will taste and enjoy later.

We do have photos for this week, but I will have to post them later as I am currently sitting on the couch in my bra and underwear because: I went to put away laundry and took off my clothes to take a shower, but then you needed a new outfit so I brought that down, and then I was going to update this blog, but then I had to pump a bit for tonight’s feeding, and then I was still going to take a shower, but then you started to cry and so I held you, and then you fell asleep on me and so I let you lay there. So… I smell, you’re sleeping and there are no photos for this entry right now 🙂


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