Third Time’s a Charm!

Wow! Three weeks old!

In 21 short days, Lillian, you have wormed your way into many many hearts and already have a long list of people wrapped around your tiny finger.

Here are some fun highlights from this past week:

1. You’re A Big Eater! In seven days you gained 6 ounces and made it back up to your birthweight! yay! This makes your mommies and your pediatrician very happy.

2. You’re Not the New Kid on the Block Anymore.  This week, you were pushed out of your new kid ranking in the breastfeeding / mommy support group. There is a new little baby in the group that is 10 days younger than you. The new mommy to the group looked pretty terrified and overwhelmed at her first meeting, and all I could think was “Did I look like that too?!”  I am sure I did. We all sat around and told her that things will get better and life will improve. It was nice to be on the advice giving side of things rather than the “What the hell am I doing” side.

3. You Got Your First Rx.  This is nothing to be excited about. Unfortunately, Lillian, you and I are sharing a small case of thrush currently and we are both on meds. I apologize for sharing this experience with you, but at least you are small and will not remember. And they say it happens to a lot of babies, so I don’t feel too badly.

4. You Made Your Mama Cry. Regarding your highlight #3 above, you experienced one of the ugly side effects of the medicine — incredibly uncomfortable stomach cramps. As you screamed and cried in extreme pain yesterday afternoon, all I could do was cry as I held your tiny, sad body and looked at your red face. It was probably the hardest part of parenting so far. Thankfully, a quick call to your pediatrician this morning resulted in us getting the green light to give you a much smaller dose of the medicine. It seems to be working.

5. You’re a Fashionista. One thing I learned this week, Lillian, is that casually mentioning to your grandma that you are low on onesies will automatically result in a surprise visit with a BAG FULL OF CLOTHES. Here’s to hoping that you can wear them all at least once before you grow out of them. Considering that you like to throw up at least once a day on yourself and me, I think that you will easily wear them all before they get too tight. Hell, today we have had 2 outfit changes.

6. You Love Restaurants! In an effort to really celebrate our anniversary (other than a quick lunch at Panera), your mommy and I went out to an Indian restaurant with you last Friday. You sat nice and quickly in your mei tai carrier the whole time, and we were able to eat an adult meal. It was glorious!

7. You Went to Work! Well, not really… but you did go with me to a work dinner at a nice restaurant last Thursday. It was a celebration of Mama’s big fundraiser being over and successful, and so we took our core supporters out to dinner. You got passed around the table like a hot potato and were wonderful. You slept most of the time. Everyone loved you — shocker! 😉

8. You’re Practicing for Your Soccer Career. Not only did you attend your first soccer game last Saturday, but your little legs have begun kicking up a storm lately. This is definitely a new development and it’s super exciting! You have started kicking a whole bunch lately and we love it! Keep it up!

9. You’re a Pumpkin.  On Saturday, after the soccer game, we went with your great aunt, grandpa, cousin and mommies to pick out pumpkins for your first Halloween. It was a ton of fun, and we got some great photos of you. We also took our first picture of the three of us. 🙂

10. You Scare the Dogs. Yep, it’s true. The dogs are mildly scared of you. I don’t think they understand why the new puppy in the house is hairless and cries. Sable is especially freaked out. She hides when you cry. Mind you, when you’re silent, she loves you and wants to sit next to you and sniff you — as does Casey — but when you cry, there is chaos as she tries to get to the other end of the house away from the noise. She will adjust and love you, don’t worry 🙂


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