I am not ready for this!

Dear Lillian —

I am NOT ready for you to be 4 weeks old already. Not not not. I cannot believe that 4 short weeks ago you entered the world. It seems just like yesterday. You have gotten so big already, and as excited as I am for you to be a little bigger, I think I am really going to miss this itty bitty time.

So… in honor of your fourth week in the world, here’s your top ten list for this week:

1. You’re the “this could happen to your baby” model. Recently this week, you have added a small case of cradle cap and the slow loss of the hair you were born with to your list of fun baby things you have caught/developed. It seems like anything they tell expecting parents that their babies can get, you have. At least your mama is a nutcase and reads stuff online all the time, so I know this stuff is normal. Otherwise, I would have our pediatrician’s emergency line on speed dial.

2. You’re Explosive! Your diaper is, at least. Twice this week, I have gone to change you, only to find a silent, explosive diaper waiting for me. The first was when we were out at a festival last weekend and the other was today. Luckily we haven’t had to cut your onesies off of you yet. Instead, I just peel the funky clothes off of you and into the washing machine they go. I think it’s time for bigger diapers.

3. You’re an infant! Officially, you are no longer a newborn. You are an infant (more than 28 days old). Wow. An infant. I guess this no longer makes me a brand new mama. Maybe we will just pretend that you are still tiny so we can get away with new mom mistakes — like today when a bag of pretzels fell off of the top of the fridge and hit you on the head. I think only a brand new mom can get away with stupid things like that. PS – Sorry.

4. You’re GROWING! And you are growing quickly. Starting early on Friday morning, you began the lovely 3-4 week growth spurt that I have heard so much about. You have been eating every hour and a half and are certainly as irritable as they said you would be. I have to be honest, it has not been a walk in the park, but I think we are just about over it. Thank goodness. Now we just have to get through the 6 week spurt, the 10 week spurt and the 6 month spurt. Fun!

5. You’re Published!  This truly did not happen this week, but I forgot to mention it last week, so here is where it will  go. You are a very lucky little girl and recently your mommies’ friend Nasrene and your playmate Sadira made us a hardback version of this blog! It encompasses your entire gestational life up to your birth story. I cannot wait to read it with you when you are older so you can see how much you were wanted and loved, and see some of the wacky things we did when you were on the inside.

6. You’re a party girl! On Saturday, you attended your first party. It was a huge birthday party for your Uncle Ernie and it was attended by tons and tons of people. You slept soundly while I wore you the whole time, despite receiving a million kisses on the top of your head from lots of intoxicated people dressed in 70s attire. It was a good time, but boy was I tired when we came home!

7. You’re a model (maybe)! 2 weeks ago, we submitted your picture to a local photographer who was casting for a nation-wide Similac commercial. Although you didn’t get booked, you were a finalist. This week, they were doing another casting for another Similac commercial and they specifically requested YOU to be there for a photo shoot. So, today on your 4 week birthday, we drove to get some test photos done. They loved you and you were great. We should hear on Friday if you were selected (tiny, pudgey fingers crossed) for the real shoot next week. Even if you aren’t chosen, we think you’re gorgeous and should be a national sensation. 🙂

8. You like to make a scene! Last week, while your mommy was at a meeting for work, you and I ran some errands. One such errand was at Staples where we had to pick up some office supplies. The trip went well, until we got to the checkout counter and I knocked over an entire display. Of post-it notes. and pens. AND BOUNCY BALLS. Yes, bouncy balls. Thankfully, I had you in my arms and looked pitiful so the staff picked up our mess. I think we can only get away with that for another 20 months or so…

9. You Slept in Bed! For the past 4 weeks, you have only wanted to sleep in your snuggle nest on the couch; however, this past weekend you and I slept in our bed (you in your snuggle nest and me in the bed) since you were going through your growth spurt. It was nice to sleep in a comfy bed rather than the sofa, but getting up every hour and half to feed you was a little rough. But hey, at least you slept in our bed. You used to refuse to do that. Maybe this is a sign that you are maturing 🙂

10. You’re Loooooong! Despite still being in newborn clothes, you are one long little lady, Lillian. In fact, you are so long and lanky that you actually stretched and ripped a hole in one of your footed pajama outfits the other day. Sometimes I have to (nicely) jam your legs in the outfits to make them fit. Unfortunately, 0-3 month clothes still swim on you a bit, so for now we are going to just hope that your legs stop growing until your body catches up so you don’t look homeless in clothes that are too big. 🙂


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