You May Say That I’m A Screamer…

First of all… I apologize for missing the 5 week and 6 week posts. The life and times of Miss Lillian have been a little rough lately.

What we thought was reflux (and what our doctor thought was too) turned out to just be hunger. So about 9 days of screaming and screaming and screaming turned out to be a hungry baby and not an uncomfortable one. I partially blame the pediatrician who told me not to do breast compressions when I was feeding her even though the wonderful lactation consultant who runs our mom group told me to do them. As soon as I stopped the compressions, the screaming started.

So now that I am squeezing, she is eating and life is quieter.  We have her on a new schedule to get her to gain some weight (a recommendation of the lactation consultant, who right now, I think is the smartest woman I know!). She is eating every 2.5 hours — even if she is sleeping we are waking her up — and she is alternating between breastfeeding and a bottle of pumped milk at every feeding. She seems to be much happier.

Other quick things:

– Lillian met my father’s family for the first time last week. She had a good time (minus crying a lot from the unknown hunger) and they loved her. Hopefully she will be a little quieter and calmer at Christmas.

– Lillian also met some coworkers of mine this week, and I am pretty sure they liked her. She was a little tired and cranky, but cute. 🙂

– The once snuggly, sleep-on-your-chest baby has grown up. She fussed and fussed yesterday until Lauren put her down for a moment, and she was silent. We think she was bored with us and wanted her own space. Whatever the reason, she is now sleeping in her vibrating bouncy chair at night and we are hoping for a big move to the crib for naps soon! 🙂

– I had my 6 week post partum appointment this week. All is going well. I only have 7 more lbs to lose to get to my pre-preggo size, and a pair of my jeans from before Lillian fit again. Granted, everything is now in a different position, but hey, they fit!  Oh, and I started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle this week to boost my milk supply. Gotta start freezing if I am going back to work in January

I think that’s it.

Oh — check out these two links to our YouTube site. A few cute videos of Little Miss Lillian


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