We’re here! I Promise!

Wow!  I owe the bloggy blog world a big I’m sorry, and maybe some flowers to show my shame. It has been waaaaay too long since my last post. Clearly, this new mommy thing is a lot more than I originally thought.

So here’s our update:

Today’s my first day back at work full time. 😦

Truthfully, today has been easier than I thought. Sure, I cried yesterday afternoon, and last night, and this morning twice. But once I got in the car to come to work, I was great. I think being swamped on my first day back certainly helps. Picking right back up where I left off not only keeps me busy, but wonderfully distracted.

Lillian is doing great! She will be 15 weeks this Wednesday and I cannot believe it. Time has really flown.

Last week she discovered that she has knee-caps, which has recently expanded into feet and legs. She is mesmerized. I can’t imagine what it must be like to find those things for the first time. She spent 20 minutes staring at Lauren’s arm the first time she noticed it, and her legs are no different. She spends half of her awake time grunting in anticipation of grabbing her legs. She is pulling herself up to sit up to grab them too. It’s quite entertaining.

She is also laughing — A LOT. And mostly at me. The other day she laughed so hard and so loud that she scared herself. Which only made me laugh more. She is rolling over whenever she can, whether she is on the floor on her belly or lying on our chests. She keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure!

For those who have been following for a while, you know that Lillian has been a bouncy chair sleeper since about 6 weeks old… well, last week we bit the bullet and introduced her to sleeping on her back — and… she likes it. She was getting too big for the chair, and as we all know, they don’t make adult sized chairs — I wish they did! The first night, she cried a bit, but then slept for almost 7 hours — HEAVEN! Last night she went down fine, and slept for 6.5 hours. Just what I needed right before I went back to work.

Speaking, sarcastically, of things I needed when going back to work — a horrible case of thrush for me was not on my list. I just ran to the health food store and got some grapefruit seed extract capsules for myself, and Lillian has been getting swabbed with the extract drops all weekend. I think she is on the mend, so now it’s just my time to heal. Gotta tell ya, it sucks. A lot. If you haven’t had it, thank you lucky stars. If you have… we can cry about it together.

Other things… Christmas and New Years were good. Tiring and long for both days, but good. Lillian has a million toys that blink and beep and bop and we are thankful everyday that she cannot turn them on herself yet. At least under our control we can only hit the button once and then show her something shiney to distract her. When she can do it herself, I am sure a trip to Sam’s Club to buy Excedrine will be in order.

Life is good. We are all settling in as a family and now that I am back to work, a routine.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:


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