Suck It!

No, really, that’s all Lillian does nowadays.

She is teething majorly and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.

Her hand. Your hand. Her toys. The dog’s tail (we caught that one just in time!). It’s like living with a small, really cute piranha. Thankfully our freezer is stocked with frozen odds and ends (pacifiers, teething rings, toys) and my mom just bought her Sophie the Giraffe. What a miracle toy. Thank you French toy maker. I love you.

Lillian is getting so big, it’s unreal.

This weekend, she sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. She slumped over a bit, looking a little homeless and intoxicated, but it was super cute. It also meant that we had a hands free meal. Or at least some of it. Tonight when I came home from work, my wonderful wife had dinner cooking and the highchair all set up. Lillian sat at the table and gummed some plastic objects while we dined. It was glorious. We are going to start her on solids around 6 months, so then it will be a new adventure at the dinner table. Get your raincoat ready, there’s gonna be food flying!

Also this weekend, Lillian scooted backwards for the first time. She was on the floor doing tummy time (which she doesn’t totally loathe anymore) and all of a sudden she did her baby rendition of the worm and scooted backwards — twice. It was really cool to witness. She had no clue it happened. We didn’t have a video camera or regular camera around. No evidence, but it happened and it was neat.

Let’s see… what else…

I have 11 weeks left until I am done my Masters. Thank goodness! I dont have much of an attention span as it is, and now having a baby, a house to somewhat look after, a fulltime job and school — I feel a little crazed. I think I will be ok, and I just keep counting down the days…

Lillian is sleeping great at night (Thank you Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child). She is averaging a 6 hour stretch and then a few 3 hour ones, which means that I get about 7 or 8 hours of (broken) sleep a night. Not bad. I dont mind at all. Last night she slept from 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm when she fussed and I popped her paci back in, and she went right back to sleep until 3:15pm. Love. That. Baby.

So, things are good. Life is becoming more real and less bad-zombie-movie-like. 🙂


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