Weebles Wobble…

Wow!  It’s been a while since an update from our house, but don’t worry I think about you all in blog-land all the time.

Lillian is wonderful. She had an amazing burst of growth and development the past two weeks. She has gone from a blobby baby to a really cool kid. A few awesome developments happened just this weekend:

– Thursday she learned how to sit up on her own.

– Friday she ate food (avocado!) for the first time — and gobbled it up. Makes me wonder if she was starving.

– Saturday she practiced her new tricks.

– Sunday she added another trick — jamming her feet in her mouth and sucking on them.

She also has recently learned to love her blocks and really likes knocking them down once I have stacked them up. In fact, they make her laugh. HARD. Which is another awesome thing she does now. She laughs. A lot. At me. At Lauren. At the dogs. It’s great! Saturday (and tonight) I got her laughing so hard that she got hiccups. 🙂

School is crazy and hard and I am losing my mind, but I have 8 more weeks and then I will have my masters and be done! Hurry up, May!

Life is good otherwise.

Lauren got into a car accident a few weeks ago and is perfectly fine, but the car is toast. We bought a new one on Saturday — Honda Insight Hybrid. Looking forward to a fuel efficient, earth friendly car. Especially with these horrific gas prices.

I will leave you all with some photos and YouTube videos of Lillian. Try not to fall too much in love with her.





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