It Only Takes A Moment

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Lillian. Nothing to do with me. And nothing to do with Lauren.

This entire post is dedicated and devoted to Linus ( a little guy who is 9 days younger than Lillian and is facing some medical complications. He is scheduled for heart surgery tomorrow and he needs your thoughts, prayers, warm-wishes, whatever you call it.

Linus has a great smile and despite all of the hardships he has faced in 6 months, a sunny personality. He has two brothers, Dexter and Simon, (he is part of a set of triplets!) who really need to have their brother home to play with them. Linus has two mommies who love him and want nothing more than to be able to hold him, bring him home and snuggle with him.

Please send some warm thoughts his way tomorrow morning. The surgery is a serious one and has a icky statistic regarding mortality rate.

Please. Take a moment. Right now. And think of Linus.


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