Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lillian!

Wow. 6 months old. Wow.

I remember when Lillian was born, thinking, please let her make it to 4 months and out of the serious SIDS risk window (yes, I am such a worry wart!), and when she did, I was amazed. For some reason, I never thought that day would come.

And then I remember when she was in newborn clothes FOREVER (seriously until she was almost 3 months old!), I wished that she would grow a bit and gain weight a little faster (ha!).

And when she was really tiny and could fall asleep anywhere, I remember dreading the day when naps would be harder in public…

Well, we’ve hit 6 months and my has our world changed!

We no longer have a little blob. We have a wiggly, giggly little baby.

She is 15 lbs and 6oz, 26 inches long and has a gigantic head (90% percentile!). She laughs all the time and smiles constantly (unless we are feeding her peas, during which she shudders, gags and then looks pitifully at us — drama queen!). If we put her on her belly she will scoot backwards and if she is on her back she spins around and around and pushes on her legs to lift her back up in the air.

She is sleeping wonderfully at night (although not 100% straight through the night, but 4am is close enough) and she is an ok napper.

What used to be a skinny little peanut, is now into size 9 month clothes and growing! She is so long that we can’t put anything on her changing table or she will kick it off. She also has learned to throw things  a bit, although not intentionally I dont think. And she can sit up!

She is a great eater and is genuinely excited to try anything and everything. She has tried avocado (LOVED!), butternut squash, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and yellow squash. She has also had a lick or two of Indian masala and some guacamole at a restaurant. Oh and a few sips of water. Next on tap for food — green beans.

It is just amazing to look back on these past 6 months and how entirely our lives have changed. I am thankful everyday for this baby and the things she has brought to our lives and has taught us about ourselves.


4 thoughts on “Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lillian!

  1. Love her reaction to peas! I feel the same way. 🙂
    She really is growing so, so fast. And oh so cute!
    Happy 1/2 birthday!

  2. WOW! She’s become a BIG baby girl! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I totally understand the pea thing- I’ve NEVER liked peas- gah! But I told you and Lauren before- I do believe Lillian is a bit of a diva so I’m not surprised she gives you guys some drama 😉 I adore your lil’ family and Sebbie and I think of you ladies often! MWAH! And happy 6 months Lil’ Lil!

  3. Happy 1/2 birthday Lily Bug 🙂 I’m glad you are getting her used to Indian food now since we go once a week!

  4. Happy semibirthday Lillian! It is amazing to be reading this. I remember your DOES ANYONE SMELL BACON? post like it was yesterday!

    And yeah, that 4 month mark is a biggie! Love that you sound so happy 🙂

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