And the little one said…

Our nightly routine is that I feed Lillian her nighttime feeding, usually around 4 am, and then go sleep on the couch in the basement (with two 70lb dogs that like to snuggle) until my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. It’s rough, but it’s ok.

So last night I am lying on the couch, flanked by a massive dog on each side, when I hear Lillian begin to SCREAM. Not just cry, but So what do I do…

Lie there and wait for Lauren to get up and check on her, of course!

Very shortly after I heard Lauren get up, all was quiet so I assumed that all was well.

Come to find out (when Lauren called me at work today), she had rolled over onto her belly in her sleep and Miss I Hate Tummy Time was pissed! Really pissed. We got a kick out of it because it is not the first time that she has been in the same predicament and had the same reaction. Ah, Lillian… just embrace the belly.

Otherwise, she is sleeping great from about 7p – 4a and then until about 7:30a or so (but I am already at work, so I have no clue… they could sleep in all day and I would never know).

We recently learned that Lillian is becoming a bit of a con artist and that she CAN put her paci back in her mouth and DOES NOT need help doing it. Sneaky little thing. We also learned that she know that if she spins around to another part of her crib, she should take her paci stash with her. The other morning I found a paci in her mouth and one in each hand and she was at the other end of the crib. Now that takes planning!

That’s about it. We leave for Texas in 8 days to go visit Lauren’s family for Easter. We have already starting making a list, and so far — surprise, surprise — Lillian’s list is twice the length of Lauren and my list combined! 🙂  Someone needs a lesson in only packing what you need.


2 thoughts on “And the little one said…

  1. Hello my lovelies!! Sounds like Miss Lillian is learning all of the same tricks Sadira was learning at her age! Paci stash? Check! Replace said paci be herself? Check! Way to go Lilly Pat 🙂

    As a (relatively) new parent you’re still the target for unsolicited advice, and as a parent of a child just a few years older, I feel compelled to give it, LOL! As you know we’ve become quite the experts at air travel. I’ve definitely learned a few lessons the hard way travelling avec bebe, so if you need any pointers, I’d be happy to share some things that have worked well for us, and help us travel smoothly.

    Love you!

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