Deep in the Heart of Texas

Well Lauren I took a brave step in our role as parents —

We took Lillian (who is now 7 months old!) on her first plane ride!

Lauren has extended family who live in Texas so for the Easter weekend, we packed up (waaaaaay too much) stuff, loaded a sleeping baby into the car at 4:30 a.m. and headed to the airport. Next stop — Dallas (after a brief stop in Houston). Lillian was absolutely great on the plane. She flirted with everyone, played peekaboo and giggle while Lauren yacked up everything she had eaten for days. I was happy that the little one in my life was so good in the air.

Going into it, we knew our time in Texas was going to be busy and involve lots of running around. On the plane I gave Lillian a “please be good” pep talk, and for the most part she listened.

She napped when she could, which wasn’t often, but she was great when she finally did nap and often napped for an hour or more at each time. However, the lack of naps, coupled with a new environment and a new sleeping arrangement (aka not her pack n play but a friend’s) caused some sleep disturbances while on vacation. Most nights she ended up snuggled in bed with one of us so she could feel comfortable and safe and we all could sleep.

Lillian also found comfort in nursing while we were gone. A lot of it. All the time. Every 2 hours or so! It got to the point where I was semi-hiding from her so that she would not see me, extend her arms, lick her lips and start to squeal (“bobobobo”) for me to nurse her. At times it was a little embarassing, but cute. Since getting home, she has calmed down a bit, but I still have an adorable baby dive-bombing for my boobs quite often.

Despite a late flight back (our first was cancelled due to weather / tornado warnings), we are all back save and sound. Lillian is slowly catching up on sleep (13 hrs last night — in a row!!) and we are all doing lots and lots of laundry.

Tomorrow we begin our big exodus from our house for about 2 weeks while our kitchen and bathroom are remodeled and downstairs is painted. Keep your fingers crossed that we have a speedy remodel and are back in our place soon 🙂

Some obligatory vacation pictures:


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