New House!

Well, not really… sorry for the excitement.

But we did just move back into our house after having our kitchen and bathroom remodeled and our first floor repainted — so it feels like a new house to us 🙂

While the sanding, scraping and smashing was going on we stayed with Lauren’s aunt and Lillian had an awesome time. Who wouldn’t? Three people to love and play with you all day long? She was in heaven! So much so, that she decided to learn how to sleep through the night (12+ hours) to make us happy too. She has continued this glorious habit since moving back in to our house and it is wonderful.

Speaking of great new habits, Lillian is now chatting up a storm (still repeating bobobobo and babababa) and we have moved from the land of pureed mush food to the happy land of feeding herself. Granted, 90% of the food goes on her face, the floor, in her ears, etc. but she is doing it. Her favorite food: GARLIC. If it has garlic in it, she will not only eat it, but will mumble MMMMMMM the whole time. She also is digging spinach pies, hummus and flavor/salt free rice cakes. She’s a doll.

On a totally different note, I just have to post that Linus is HOME! He was released from the hospitals and is doing well enough to go home with his mommies and his brothers. It just came across my Facebook Newsfeed and I almost screamed with excitement. 🙂


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