Time to Secure Your Valuables!

It’s Offical… Lillian is mobile!

Yep, last Sunday she simply looked over at a toy and rolled over (back to belly) like it was nothing. Then she proceeded to rotate her body towards the toy and roll roll roll in its direction. If she wants it, she will get it. This also goes to finding the dogs to stare/smile at them, grab your glass of water to pour on herself and find that clump of dog hair to eat. We’re not really the uber baby-proofing type, but I think to avoid a charred baby, we might cover up some sockets. We’ll see.

She is also still stuck on bababababa and bobobobo but she does mix in some mmmmm sounds and some g’s when she has toys in her mouth. Tonight, when Lauren’s mom was leaving, she said “bahbay”, so maybe we’re close to understanding bye bye. Lord knows we’ve been working on the waving.

Lillian is also all set for summer. Today we got a baby pool, a bouncy-textured ball (she’s really great at rolling the ball back and forth) and a dump truck. Despite her splattering of pink all over her wardrobe, we are really trying to give her boy and girl toys as we are both determined to not box her into a stereotypical scenario for playing, dressing, etc. But that’s for another rant.

She is a genuinely happy baby, and aside from her recent burning desire to nurse ALL THE TIME (seriously, whenever I am in the room she lunges at me!), she is super fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding, and am so happy that I have been able to for so long, but I wish she and I could play for long periods of time before she realizes that my boobs are around and trying to rip my shirt off. I know I am going to miss nursing when it’s all over and I am sure I will cry — a lot — but sometimes the cling-on routine is a little tiring. It doesn’t help that she’s at the separation anxiety stage of her life either. It is all cute though.

Lastly, we had an awesome photo shoot last weekend as part of a fundraiser for a local online moms support group, and here is one of our favorite shots 🙂


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