Get Up, Stand Up!

Crawling is boring. All Lillian wants to do nowadays, is STAND STAND STAND. Stand and hold on to your fingers. Stand and hold on to the couch. Stand and play with her toys. Stand and nurse. Yes, you read that right.

Nursing an almost 9 month old baby is like wrestling with a baby gorilla that has ADHD. She wants to eat but want to play and roll and giggle and smile. Keeping her on task is exhausting sometimes, but despite her gymnastics, she seems to be getting enough to eat. She is just under 18lbs and will eat anything that is not nailed down. Lillian doesn’t let her lack of teeth stop her! Last night she gobbled down 3 carrots, half of a potato, a few pieces of a roast and some snap peas. They were cut up in small pieces and lightly mashed with a fork, mind you, but she went to town! There was nothing left. She also enjoyed some watermelon for dessert.

We are very lucky that Lillian also is enjoying sleeping more. She has been sleeping from 7pm until about 5:30 or 6:00 am in the morning, which isn’t too shabby. I know Lauren would love for her to sleep later, but I think Lillian has other plans and that’s ok. Last night she went to bed (in her first pair of 2 piece pjs!) and slept great the whole night until about 6am, at which point she was amped up for the day! One day we will work on adjusting this, or maybe we’ll just stick some toys in her crib.

Not too much more on the talking front. She has mastered babababababa and papapapapapa and bobobobo, and occasionally she will throw a gagagaga in there, but other than that she is all about squealing and quietly observing. I think Lillian is more of a “take it all in” kind of gal and she often sits and watches before gearing up and babbling at playdates. But once she gets going… wow! She will squeal and bababa your ear off. She also likes to make a funny grunty noise and smile.

There’s a ton more and she changes every day.  Lillian is truly a happy, sweet baby and is always smiling and laughing. We are so lucky!

Oh… and here are some pictures (you know you wanted them!):


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