Well, it’s here…

The wiggly. Rolling. Spinning. Scooting. Cruising. Baby.

Lillian is so active and moving everywhere. In the morning she rolls and kicks and spins all over the bed that Lauren holds onto her by the waistband of her pj pants to keep her from careening off of the bed. This morning she almost took a nose dive off of her changing table. Thankfully I have cat-like-reflexes (ha!) and was able to grab her arm with a big “gotcha!” which she thought was hilarious. During the day, she is constantly standing or cruising or attempting to crawl around the house. Sitting still is not an option most of the time.

The one moment that she did sit still yesterday was when I was getting food ready for our cookout and I left her to play in the living room. After a moment or two of quiet — typically not a good sign — I peeked in to see her holding a book in her lap, flipping pages  and mumbling to each page as if she was reading. Melt my heart. She loves books so much. I think it might be her second word (“pop” is her favorite word. pop.pop.pop.pop.pop).

She has also started saying mama. O.M.G. There is nothing better. One day she might actually say it to me and know what it means, rather than saying it to the dog’s ear, her vitamin dropper and the glow-worm. But hey, at least she’s saying it.

This week I made her birthday party invitation and ordered them. There is nothing more surreal than making an invite to your child’s first birthday party. I just cannot believe that she is almost a year old. The time has truly flown by.

I would love love love to have another tiny baby in the house now that Lillian is getting bigger, but we definitely need to move before that could become a reality. So, if anyone out there would like to purchase a powerball or megamillions ticket and send it my way, that would be great. Thanks! 🙂


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