Have I Got A Little Story for You

On Friday, Lauren, Lillian, one of our dogs and I packed up and headed out in the wee morning hours to visit a friend in Connecticut. She is a physician at Yale and had a weekend off so we wanted to visit. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a 6 hour car-trip with a baby, all of her belongings, a 70lb dog and two adults. Sounds like fun, right?

Well, it was. We actually had a great ride up there. Lillian slept from 4:45 a.m. (yes, that is when we left) until about 7:45 a.m. when she woke up and was HUNGRY. So, we tried out tech-savvy skills and attempted to look up a place to eat. Apparently it is hard to find your “location” and search for nearby restaurants when traveling 70 mph down the Garden State Parkway. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we decided to guess what exit to get off of by the name of the town, or the fun stuff we could see from the road. As soon as we saw a BMW dealership off to the side, we pulled off at that exit — and what a great decision. Bloomfield, NJ — you are a cute town.

After a quick breakfast and a romp in a local park (which included a quick dip in the geese-filled lake by our simple dog), we headed to Connecticut. Lillian slept the rest of the way there (have I mentioned how much I love this baby!?).

Our weekend was relaxed and enjoyable. Visiting with an exhausted and extremely busy medical resident is an ideal minivacation for mommies to an almost toddler. Go to bed at 10pm? Yes, please! Breakfast at 7am? Heck yeah! On Saturday we all went blueberry picking and Lillian ingested more than she picked. In fact, she was strapped to my back in a mei tai and was grabbing them off the branches. Blueberry monger. That night we relaxed, ate some delicious mashed potato pizza (oh yeah!) and watched a movie.

Sunday we left to head home when Lillian started to get sleepy/mean for her afternoon nap, which was around noon. She gloriously slept for 2 hours and then woke up ready to eat. And where were we… Bloomfield, NJ!  And yes, we went back to the same restaurant. 🙂

She slept a little bit on the way home, waking a few times to sing/shout along with the radio. She also clapped to the music a few times.   warm. my. heart.

The most exciting thing we noticed this weekend was Lillian’s 3rd and 4th teeth popping through. And of course she couldn’t be “standard” or “typical.” She had to get her eye teeth (fangs!) in. Totally out of order. No wonder she was a messy, cranky baby last week.

Now we have two weeks at home until we pack up and head out for a week-long vacation in the Poconos. 🙂  A week with my wife, my dogs and my baby in the woods. I cannot wait!!! 🙂


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