She has a healthy self-esteem

Oh, Lillian… how you make me giggle.

At almost 11 months old, Lillian is finally mastering the art of giving kisses. I thought it was a lost cause, and then I thought maybe it was me that she didn’t want to kiss. But finally something.clicked! And she is a kissing machine.

Last night as we Lauren cleaned the upstairs, Lillian and I practiced her new trick. Sure, she likes giving me kisses because she is placating me, but she really really loves to give herself kisses in the mirror.

Ever since she was a tiny baby, we always point out “that cute baby in the mirror” whenever we walk by a shiney object. After bathtime, she practically breaks her neck trying to crane it and see her reflection. When we are walking down the street, she is reaching to see herself in a window pane. Buy her a mirror or a book with one, and you are her instant best friend.

So last night, I decided to take her into the bathroom to see if she wanted to give that cute baby in the mirror a kiss, and let me just tell you… that kid has some healthy “I love myself” esteem. For a moment I thought she might want to be alone or might be embarassed when she realized I was looking. She just gave herself kiss.afterkiss.afterkiss. And when I decided she has slobbered enough over herself, I pulled tried to pull her away, and she held onto the faucet for dear life.

Beware, bullies! This kid thinks that she is the best looking thing on the playground, and if you don’t believe her — well, she will just go make out with herself in the bathroom mirror.


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