A Vacation of Firsts

Who knew that a week in the woods with 2 dogs, an almost one year old and your wife would be so tiring thrilling and enjoyable. Seriously though, it was great and it was definitely a vacation filled with a lot of firsts for our family.

  • Lillian’s 1st pair of shoes —  We were going to wait to get our little cruiser her first shoes until she was really walking on her own, but who can pass up a Stride Rite sale of Buy One Get One Half Off, at the outlets nonetheless. So we got two pairs of shoes (each $42 originally), three pairs of socks and one of those pairs of bells for about 50 bucks. Not too bad. The only bummer of the shoe shopping trip was that it will be Lauren’s last shopping trip with us, because as we found out… Lillian has super wide feet like me. After a FOUR hour shopping trip to find shoes for me a few years ago, Lauren vowed to never go with wide footed folks again on shoe adventures… so it looks like I finally have a buddy to search for footwear with.
  • Lillian’s first lick of ice cream — We should have known that our little foodie would love ice cream! We waited until now to give it to her and you could tell by her face that she was wondering why we were holding out on her. She loved it (mango ice cream with mango chunks).
  • Lillian’s first taste of pizza — I could go my entire life without pizza and I would be ok, and I think Lillian follows in my footsteps. It’s not that I don’t like pizza, it just doesn’t do anything for me. Lillian tried some pizza on vacation (which was, if I do say, amazing!) and she was not a fan. Barely ate a bite. It actually makes me a little happy/proud that she isn’t a junk food fan and would rather pig out on zucchini and carrots.
  • Lillian’s first emu — well, she didn’t get to have or take an emu home, but it was her first petting zoo experience. She was so excited to feed the monkeys and pigs, I thought she was going to lose her mind.
  • Lillian’s first hike — man, there is nothing quite as invigorating in the world as hiking with a 20+ lb weight strapped to your back. It was tough and I felt like I was going to die a few times was challenged by the hike, but it was a lot of fun. And Lillian was my little cheerleader — every now and then, slapping my back and giggling as if to say “keep going, this is great!” or “come on horsey!” I think it was more of the latter.
In addition to those firsts, we had a really great time in our disconnected vacation area. No wifi, no phones, just pure relaxation and fun. Lillian was all over the house and loved getting into everything. I am posting most of the pictures on facebook, but here are some for your enjoyment 🙂

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