Swimmingest Swimmers of All

So this week it seems like all my message boards have been all a flutter with this article about a sperm donor who has lended his goods (via a bank) to over 150 kids.

It has been interesting for me to see the various places where it has been discussed recently and see the different reactions. Some people are worried about regulations in the sperm donation industry being too lax or not standardized, some have voiced concern about the half siblings meeting and not knowing it and marrying (I think that’s a bit of a stretch… but I get it), and some (like me) have taken to googling their donor number to see if other munchkins are running around out there (as far as I can find there is just two).

While I think that there definitely needs to be some type of standardized regulation for sperm donation, distribution and pregnancy reporting, it also is interesting to me because nobody makes a heterosexual man do that. How many stories are there out there in the world of a woman getting pregnant and not knowing who the father is? What prevents her kid and another kid from the same father meeting and marrying (if that is truly a concern)? Nobody regulates a man’s body and how he chooses to… well… you know. And if they did, I am pretty sure Maury would have been cancelled years ago (afterall, that is the whole basis of his shows, right?).

I clearly think that 150 is a bit excessive and I think that the sperm bank should do a better and more professional job of monitoring distribution of “goods.” I was pleased to find out this week that our bank actually only sells a small portion of what they have in stock, and actually save a good portion of it for families who have siblings with that donor. Meaning, while it might say that there is none available, if you call, they actually have a supply for families who have children thanks to that donor.

What does everyone out there think? Have you been worried about it lately? What do you know about your bank (if you used one) and their policies?

I can tell you, from someone who was once a little lot freaked out by the whole sibling thing, I have really learned to embrace it and actually look forward to meeting the other family. I think that while we are Lillian’s family through and through, it will be nice for her to have a small connection somewhere (plus the other moms are super cool!).


One thought on “Swimmingest Swimmers of All

  1. Well, we used a bank that is VERY lax with their policy of distribution of their sperm. I knew our donor was popular, but I had no idea that my daughter has that many, if not more half siblings out there. At the time, we wanted to get pregnant so bad we didn’t care, but looking back on it, we would have made a different choice. Don’t get me wrong, our daughter is great and obviously we wouldn’t trade her. But the fact that the bank still hasn’t restricted him is nauseating and unethical in my opinion. If anyone is considering sperm banks, don’t choose Midwest.

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