Stands for It Really Stinks

Lauren and I have always been very on top of filing our taxes on time and properly. We have been using the same preparation person for years so she knows us well and is familiar with our expenses as they relate to Lauren’s business. There have been quite a few times where the ease of other services have been incredibly appealing (I mean who wouldn’t want to sit in their pjs and do their taxes rather than driving to get them done).

Recently we have been doing a bit of battle with the powers that be regarding the adoption credit for Lauren’s adoption of Lillian. All of our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, with a boat-load of paperwork ready and certified from all types of professional folks and lawyers. Still, our credit is floating out there in tax-refund-limbo-land. There have been many calls, letters and grumpy faces all around, but I think we are finally getting it all sorted out. It is frustrating to be in this position when we are so good about doing everything to the exact letter of the law. It isn’t a lot of money, but it is something that was needed to protect our family and ensure that Lillian was taken care of by her two lawful mommies. It would have been irresponsible NOT to do it, and now we are being nickled and dimed over the paperwork. Apparently the government didn’t see the necessity in our child’s safety and protection.

Would it have been different with an online company or an extension (like this) if we did it online? Maybe, or maybe not. Our tax preparer is amazing and catches so many things, but you never know. There’s always the “what if.” Heck, there might not even be a “lesbian mom adopted lesbian wife’s birth child and I need to claim it” section on an online form, but what I do know is that this has all been a great learning lesson for us and that next time we may be a tiny bit better poised.


One thought on “Stands for It Really Stinks

  1. My wife & I are legally married in CA, and when we went to file our taxes last year, it was a total nightmare. Turbotax said we would have to create 3 separate accounts and pay 3 times: Once for me to file with the feds, once for her to file with the feds, and then a joint filing with the state. This would also mean entering all of our info 3 times. In the end, we decided to try HR Block–big mistake. The woman had NO clue how to file for a same sex married couple, and what should have been a fairly simple ended up with the two of us sitting in that little office for 6 hours. I think in this case, you are so, so much better off working with an individual who knows your situation. The automated services are a nightmare for gay couples.

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