Who Are You?!

In a matter of just a few short weeks, we have watched Lillian transform from a crawling baby to a toddler. A thinking, babbling, walking, caring toddler. She regularly feeds her baby dolls, stuffed animals and us with real and plastic food. She plays and plays and plays and then stops to come give us a kiss or hug. She is also a dare devil and loves to practice walking, mostly leaning very far forward which causes her to teeter towards the ground and scare us all. Lillian is also a big fan of leaping off of furniture, charging at us from a total stand still and rolling around like a maniac. It is exhilerating.

I feel like I turned around and my little baby has grown into such a big girl. It is wonderful, but I must admit that as we close the door on her 363rd day, I am a little sad. I have been fighting tears all week and am certain that I will cry on her birthday on Thursday. They are tears of joy and pride of my amazing little girl, while still being tears of sadness for this tiny baby that is growing up so quickly. I plan to write a full blog post on her bday, but I just had to share the amazing transfirmation that is a growing, fun baby.


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