We have a toddler!!!

I will do a nicer, longer post about her birthday party this weekend, but for now, just a quick little post about our…toddler!

Lillian turned one last week, and in honor of her bday, I took her to the doctor for a few shots and some poking and prodding. She was a trooper and even snuggled with the doctor as she listened to her lungs and heart.

She weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs 13 oz, which means she has gained 15lbs 3oz since her birth. She has also grown 9 inches, now measuring 29″ tall. Oh, and she still has a giant noggin (80th percentile).

As an “I am sorry” for the shots, we took Lillian, her god-mother, a mommy friend and Lillian’s little bff out to lunch. We had sushi and Lillian LOVED it. Gobbled it down and begged for more kind of loved it.  She is such a great eater!!!

I managed to not (reallly) cry (too much) leading up to her birthday, but then I got a damned email from babycenter titled “Your Toddler!”  Really…?… give me a few days to recover from the fact that she is getting older before sending me those kind of emails. And now, I get all kinds of fun, somewhat inappropriate/I-am-not-ready-for-this emails, such as yesterday’s email about potty training tips! Holy cow. We are trying to get her to stop eating dog hair off of the floor and they want us to teach her to use the toilet. Ha! Good luck, folks.


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