Latest Obsession

As if I needed one more distraction in my life of working mom with toddler, I have added another notch to my obsession belt: pinterest.

For some of you, I may be the old lady in the block that just heard about this heavenly thing, or I could be a trailblazer for the under-informed. Either way, it is bringing me great creative excitement.

It all started with a conversation amongst some mommy friends on a local site. I saw the name pinterest and had no clue what they were talking about but had to look it up. And then, I was hooked!

It is like a visual “favorites” page for all of my I-want-to-do-that and oh-I-can-make-that and that-looks-yummy thoughts. I get to see what others like and pin to their board and I get great ideas in the meantime. I have already gathered quite a collection of things to do (am currently making Thanksgiving centerpieces) and things to make for Christmas gifts — and no, not the tacky “I made you a crappy sweater” type of gift. Really freaking cool ones.

Pinterest has also provided me with super fun ideas of things that Lillian can enjoy. Homemade bath tub crayons anyone? Oh yeah! I have been eager to get her little hands messy with art stuff and now here is my inspiration. I am super pumped! I am excited to start some of these things and get my sewing machine buzzing and some projects going. Plus, it is fun to know that Lauren is totally freaking out when thinking of the mess I will make in the process 🙂   

I PROMISE I will clean it all up, honey. And you may benefit from the projects I create 🙂


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