No, no.

NaBloPoMo is not a new string of babble that Lillian is blabbering out lately — although it’s close.

NaBloPoMo is the shortened title for Naitonal Blog Posting Month, and like always, I am a little bit behind (but only by 2 days)!

The goal is to write an entry every day for a month.

Since life gets the better of me some days and I totally forget to wear matching shoes, let alone blog, I think this will be a good challenge/task for me.

So, since I am already late… let’s get started (I am adapting some of the blog prompts from BlogHer to fit this blog)

November 1

What is your favourite part about writing?

My favorite part about writing this blog is documenting (and remembering) all of the amazing, funny and frustrating things that are occurring in our lives. As everyone can affirm, life can be a bit hectic with two full-time working parents, a toddler, two giant dogs and a household to run (aka keep from looking like an episode of Hoarders). Having this blog gives me the chance to write a quick little bit about my life to share with everyone and to serve as a reality check that all parents go through fun things like we are.

I actually minored in English in college (well, started as an English major and creative nonfiction minor and then decided that nobody would want to read my crap so I switched to the land of the hippies — yeah, Human Rights & Peace Studies), and I love writing. I always have. I have a little notebook somewhere that contains short stories I used to write and then bore my parents to death with — they are saints for listening to my gibberish as a child. In high school I worked for our literary magazine and had a few pieces published in local journals. I also wrote a teen column for the local paper (insert images of dorky teen newspaper writers here).

I really just love the expressive nature of writing and how it allows me to get what I am thinking, reading, etc. off of my chest and into the world. Even if the stories are sometimes embarassing for me or Lauren, I think in the long run, the archive of my thoughts will be appreciated by Lillian.

November 2

If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?

I am moderately embarassed and grossed out by myself for admitting this, but my answer to this question has always been and will always be: a cheesesteak sub.

I know. Hold back your gagging.

Even when I was a vegetarian for the better part of 5 years, I would “cheat” every now and then and get a cheesesteak.

I don’t know if it is the sogginess of the subroll, the melty cheese, the onions or the (is this real?) meat, but it is divine in my book.

I would love to be able to say, as a foodie, that my last meal would be a pomegranate infused filet of sockeye salmon with garden quinoa and fall veggies, but that would be lying. Gimme a cheesesteak and lay me to rest.

November 3

What’s the quirkiest/goofiest thing your kid(s) does?

What does Lillian do that is not goofy, would be the better question nowadays.

Right now, her favorite thing to do is make a “mean” face. Sometimes it is her way of being goofy and is followed by a smile or giggle. Sometimes it is genuinely mean and is used after we tell her no or take something away or when she doesn’t want to do something (like hold her hand as she attempts to walk in public, looking like a drunken sailor).

Her other goofy thing to do is to play peekaboo with us. She LOVES peekaboo and to be scared, although when she “covers” her eyes to play, she actually drags her hands down her face really hard exposing the underpart of her eyelid and looking a little Dali-melting-clock-esque. We have been trying to show her to play peekaboo gently, but she loves to pull on her face, so as long as she still has two eyes at the end of the day, I think we are ok.

She is an all around goofy kid though, so it was hard to narrow down two, but I think they are pretty representative of her quirky little personality 🙂


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