Mmm. Ice Cream

November 5

What are the favorite toys in your house nowadays? Do you mind the toy or does it drive you batty?

Lillian has been obsessed with her grocery cart and plastic food recently. She will push it all around the house as she feeds us, her dolls, the dogs, our guests and the characters in her book fake food.

Her favorite piece of “food” is the vanilla ice cream cone. Not the strawberry. Vanilla. She loves it. Every morning when we bring her downstairs, she immediately goes to the grocery cart and digs around for the ice cream until she finds it. Then she proceeds to carry it around with her all day like her long lost love. Mind you, she has only had ice cream twice in her life and both times they were small tastes.

She is also a super huge fan of her pop up animal toy which she lugs around with her and gleefully slams the animals down. We call it her time as a zookeeper and when we ask “Miss Zookeeper, where are your animals?” she will run over to it and bring it to us. The other day she actually picked up my hand and moved it to the toy to make them pop up (she hasn’t quite figured that part out yet).

I think if either of these toys ever breaks or goes missing or is lost, we will be in big trouble in our house.


One thought on “Mmm. Ice Cream

  1. I love that you are also participating in NaBloPoMo. And I love reading the stories about you, Lauren & Lillian…. 🙂

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