Sweetie, That’s Attached

Lillian has a problem.

She is obsessed with tags.

Tags on clothes, tags on stuffed animals, tags on blankets. Any tag is her friend.

It started when she was really really small and she just kept up the obsession. She adores tags, but is bored with the Taggies brand and when she comes across a Taggies item, she searches for… the tag. Not the million of little tags designed to entertain. Nope, the tag with the washing instructions. Those are the tags she loves. My mom, who is undeniably nutty at times, used to say that she loved tags because she is super smart and likes to try to read them. Whether or not she is a prodigy is up to everyone’s interpretation, but her love for tags is clear.

The funniest related obsession lately has been the sewn-on tag on the chaise lounge chair in our living room. And by sewn-on tag, I mean the tightly stitched tag that is on the frame of the chair, UNDER the large cushion. You know, like a mattress label. That kind of tough tag.

She somehow discovered that this tag existed (we didn’t show her. I think she has tag-radar), so on Saturday, as Lillian lifted the giant cushion and pulled and grunted and tried to pry the tag off of the couch, we tried to tell her that all of her energy was being wasted. She would never get the tag.

Lauren, in a moment of well-meaning-motherhood, took the cushion out of Lillian’s hand and simply plopped it back down onto the chair…

unfortunately, Lillian was sitting in front of the chair and cushion, causing her to be catapaulted in a cartoon-type manner away from the chair and the cushion hit her square in the chest. Luckily she landed on her butt and just laughed it off. Oh, the joys of trying to break a habit.


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