So Much Junk!

Lauren and I decided that we needed to tackle our bit-of-a-mess basement to try to declutter and reorganize. Now, we did this while I was pregnant, but most of it involved me sitting on the couch and putting things in bins since I was gigantic and sluggish.

So today, during Lillian’s morning nap we started our great basement project. The hour and a half that we had down there went MUCH better than I thought and we cleared out two trash bags of trash and a huge box of recycling. We also condensed a lot of things and started utilizing our crawl space under the stairs a bit better.

Our goal tonight is to clean out our monster of a desk so we can take a photo of it and try to sell it on Craigslist. Who knew that we would be getting rid of our great desk that served as our undergraduate and graduate school paper-writing-station to make room for a play kitchen and some rid on toys.

Ah, kids, the infiltrate your life and force you to rearrange your house every few months to make more room for things that beep, blink and sing. 🙂


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