Tsk Tsk, Bad Blogger

I missed my post-of-the-day yesterday and I am so disappointed.

But… I have a good reason…

Lillian is dropping a nap and going from two to one nap per day.  So I was busy saving my sanity yesterday and sitting around like a big pile of mush when she was asleep last night.

We are trying to move her morning nap back a little bit so that it is closer to noon to make her well rested and not a little cranky creature at 5:30 pm.  It is easier to do on the weekends than when my mom is here watching her during the day, but all in all it is hard on everyone. Cause, I mean, who really wants to hang out with a sleepy toddler while trying to hold her off for another hour until a nap?…

So, I missed my post yesterday and I am sorry, but I am hoping that these links to some amazing recipes we have made recently will help you all forgive me 🙂







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