We’re here, I swear!

Oh my goodness. What a gap in writing.

We are here and we are all doing well. Just busy.

Lillian is almost 16 months old and she is a chatterbox. She says mama, mommy, dog, cat, hat, hot, yogurt, panda, touchdown and baby just to name a few. She also will tell you the animal sounds for cow, sheep, chicken, pig, dog, lion, alligator (claps her hands really wide) and giraffe (makes a chomping sound like she’s eating leaves). She is communicating very well with us and it is so cool to see. Last night she signed more, and I asked her what she wanted more of and she shouted “YOGURT!” Clearly she understood my question.

She is also very active (she runs around like crazy) and outrageously funny. Last night, I went downstairs to start laundry and she always waits behind the gate at the top of the stairs for me. So when I start going upstairs, she heard me coming, then I heard her running and laughing. She had hidden in the kitchen and when i came up she jumped out from behind the wall with her arms in the air and yelled BOO! We all cracked up.

Lillian is also big on body parts and knows her eyes, nose, ears, hair, head, feet and belly button. She will also show you her tongue if you ask. She can also say belly button which is pretty funny and super cute.

I am going to try to post more but between having a crazy toddler, a busy house and busy work, it has been hard to remember to do it.


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