New Year, New Routine

Life has been busy but exciting, as I mentioned last time. I am going to try to post more, but if I don’t here is one of my reasons/excuses:

I am exhausted.

I was recently accepted into a national weight-loss/healthy living program through The Mommies Network and have been linked with a personal trainer/nutritionist in my area. We have been working on developing an exercise routine that works for my life and schedule, which means that I am getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym before work. I am really enjoying it, but man, by 9pm, I am collapsing on the couch!

I am hoping to post on here as things move along, but so far I can tell you that I am loving the circuit training and hoping to add some core strengthening exercises in as well (pilates in my living room, anyone!? Yes please!).

In addition to the new changes with my routines, Lillian seems to be growing and changing every day. Language is a constantly and rapidly evolving adventure and we are learning that she is a parrot (the other day she yelled crap, right after I did. Mama fail!). She is doing a great job of verbalizing her wants and desires which helps us eliminate some tantrums stemming from those frustrations. Now the tantrums from just being grumpy… oh they are there still, don’t worry!

All in all things are great. Here are some recent pictures to make your morning bright:


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