Better than Nothing

So, I haven’t posted since the middle of January… whoops. When I tell you life with a toddler is busy, that is an understatement. Here is a quick recap of things going on in our lives right now:

1.Lillian is a true toddler: Running, climbing, jumping, screaming “NO MAMA!”, refusing food, devouring food, throwing food — it is a never ending circus in our house. The dogs love her food flinging abilities and hate that she is always trying to ride or “feed” them. Lillian is a ball of fun, energy and excitement. She is also incredibly smart. Last week, she was saying “more, more, more, more” and I asked her what she wanted more of. She looked me right in the eye and said, “mama, blueberries, MORE!” There is no speech delay in this 17 month old, that’s for sure.

2. Furniture shuffle: As of last night, we had the last piece of furniture for sale picked up so that we can get the basement turned from an office/playroom into a bedroom. Lauren’s father is moving in with us on Friday and he will likely be living with us for the rest of his life (which we all hope is a long time 🙂 ). His arrival into our home leads us to number 3, which is…

3. On the hunt: As much as we would like to fool ourselves into thinking it is, a two bedroom urban row house is just not enough space for 3 adults, a toddler, two dogs (who each way about 65lbs) and a whole slew of toys and belongings. We have started to casually browse houses online and have narrowed our search down to a few that we really like. We are hoping to start figuring out finances, ideal house, etc. in the next few months and get settled into a new place by the end of the year. And you know what a new place means…

4. Time to Think about a Thaw: I just paid our frosty storage fees for another year of safe keeping for our donor samples, and as soon as I made the payment, Lauren said, “Why don’t we just use it!”  Yep, blog world, we are thinking of another. Not right now. Not in this house. But a new house means a new kiddo. Hopefully.

5. Holy Likeness Batman: Speaking of kiddos… we are getting very very very excited for a trip to Boston at the end of March. Our primary goal is to see our dear friends who moved up there a few years ago, but it just happens to also be a great and convenient time to… meet the other lesbian family who has a child with the same donor. 🙂  We have started showing Lillian pictures of R so that she can maybe learn his name or at least what he looks like (which happens to be a lot like herself!). We are going to meet up to play and have lunch. I think we are all genuinely super excited and curious, and I am hoping it is the start of an annual occurance.

6. Chapel Time?: Over the course of the past two weeks, the House and the Senate in Maryland passes a gay marriage bill, which our Governor will sign on Thursday. There was lots of celebration and quite a few tears of joy in our house. It was all shortlived though, as the opponents to gay marriage have already filed their paperwork for a referendum in the fall. Chances are likely that it will end up on the ballot, and based on recent polls in Maryland, it very well could be repealed. We are all waiting on pins and needles to see if the thing we have dreamed about for so long will survive, or will become a thing of the past. Marriage won’t even take effect until January 2013, per the bill, so it’s not even like we could go get married and then have it taken away. We might just never see it at all. It’s nervewracking and I try not to think about it.

That’s about it for now. We are all running at a mile a minute, and have some exciting things on the professional side  budding — none of which I can talk about until a later post. Maybe that will keep you in anticipation, and remind me to update more often 🙂


One thought on “Better than Nothing

  1. I hope MD does a better job of figuring it out than California has. We got married when CA gave us that beautiful little window in 2008–and I’m so glad we did–but now we have this piece of paper that so many of our friends can’t have and the unfairness of it all nauseates me as much as the thought of the state swooping in and saying, “Never mind. Give it back.”

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