The Countdown Begins

Baring any more health issues (I have had some female issues and a hideous ear infection this week), we will be heading to Boston next weekend to visit some dear dear friends from college, drink some wine and watch tv, lounge around… and, meet another kid who is biologically related to our daughter.

As you may recall from older posts, Lauren and I have both gone through the emotional rollercoaster about the donor sibling thing. What does it mean that Lillian has a donor sibling in the world, who we know about, can see pictures of on Facebook and have contact with his mommies? What will this mean for Lillian? Does it mean anything at all?

Well, we have resolved ourselves to the fact that we think this is pretty neat and that most kids in our situation wouldn’t have this opportunity so young. I think we are both pretty uncomfortable with the “half-brother” or “half-sister” language that would typically be slapped on this type of genetic relationship, but then what do you call it? They ARE something to each other, but isn’t a brother or a sister really more familial than blood? Lots of people have brothers and sisters that they never see, don’t get along with or disown for whatever reasons, and they are still referred to as siblings (sometimes). I think for us, right now (and I can’t speak for the other moms) we are comfy with them just being L and R and just being kids. I think right now it’s more for the parents to meet and have that connection and see neat similarities, than it is for the kids.

The other moms are super nice from what we have picked up through the internet and text messages, and their son is super cute. Last week, while looking at pictures of their family online and telling Lillian their names, she repeated the son’s name, clear as day. I was shocked. And a little excited.

And so the countdown begins…

We are going to Boston to see friends in a week. A trip to Boston unlike any other. A trip I never in a million years would have imagined.


One thought on “The Countdown Begins

  1. As an adopted child myself who knows her “biological” siblings because of the circumstances were placed in, I really value having some “blood” relative. When I had kids it was important to be able to look at pictures and see who they looked like, I never thought it would matter until I actually had my kids. It is also nice to know something about someone that shares some blood line with you so that everytime you are asked about whether you have a family history of “x, y or z” you don’t always have to leave the lines blank and say “I’m adopted, I don’t know” its nice to have some history with that person. Best of luck on figuring all of this out in years to come, I love the idea of just letting them be themselves and be kids and decide for themselves how it will evolve as they grow up!

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