Meet Your…

Last time I posted, I mentioned that we were heading to Boston to spend a long weekend with friends. Well we went a few weeks ago, and we had a blast!

We rented an entire house because it was cheaper than finding the “perfect” hotel room for a family with a nosey toddler. The house was such a great find, cheaper than a hotel ever would have been, and there was a ton of room. To make it even better, it was in a fantastic neighborhood full of cute little restaurants, quirky shops and close to a wonderful liquor store — you gotta have priorities. And our friends treated us like royalty, even renting a car while we were there so we wouldn’t have to take transit. Not that I am opposed to lugging our kid on the train, but trust me, it was soooo much easier to drive around.

Lillian was a champ on the plane. She waved and said hi to every. single. person. that boarded the plane and somehow conned a group of kind little lesbians into playing peekaboo with her. Every moment they played with her meant that I had a moment of free time. Even with a 28 lb kiddo sitting on my lap, a moment of entertainment coming from someone other than myself was glorious. She made sure to blow some kisses and flash a few extra smiles at them when we were departing.

So the house was great, our friends wonderful and the weather was lovely. It was over 80 degrees on the Friday we arrived, and so we spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening at the arboretum. Of all the trees, dogs and kids to run around and play with, Lillian found the one couple in the entire park that was canoodling under a tree, reading poetry no less, and wanted to be their best friend. I had to chase her away from their love nest a few times as she shrieked in tears. One day, you’ll get it Lillian. One day, I’ll pop out from behind a tree when you’re having a special moment and ask you to play peekaboo! 🙂

We also met up with another lesbian couple who have a little boy, “R”, who is Lillian’s donor sibling. And holy moly… I thought I had dominant genes!!! Wow. That mystery man in California must come from a strikingly handsome family, because the similarities were very clear! I think we all just kept staring in awe. Besides their physical attributes, there were also quite a few moments of “wow! Lillian does that too!” that were really funny and enjoyable.

We have already made plans for them to head towards our neck of the woods in early summer to see each other again. I think this is a great thing. They are wonderful people, their son is absolutely adorable and Lillian and he seemed to have as much fun as two independent toddlers can.

Here are some photos from our trip and adventures with the sibling



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