Cleaning Up Joe’s Mess?

It’s been all over the news, and I can’t help but feel a tiiiiiiny bit skeptical: President Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage.

As half of a two mom household, the thought of the sitting President of the United States saying such things is music to my ears, but I have some cynical tendencies and I can’t help but think that this is merely a reaction to VP Joe Biden’s expression of support for gay marriage on this week’s Meet the Press. It wasn’t an official White House statement when Biden made the announcement, and many of the people watching and news hounds went bonkers. I really think that the advisors for Obama encouraged him to express the same message for continuity.

Does this mean that I don’t think that Obama believes it? No. I think he does believe in same sex marriage. I think that his message spoke to his belief in it and his changing opinion, specifically as it relates to his daughters’ friends with two moms or two dads. I think that part was spoken from his heart.

Do I think that he may have just hurt his campaign? Perhaps.

Not that I ever want someone to NOT come out in support of same sex marriage, because god knows I would like have my partner seen as my wife in the eyes of my country, but I worry about the timing. With Maryland already teetering on the brink of overruling the bill for same sex marriage with a referendum this fall, I just worry that something like this will cause so much uproar that we will end up on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. Safely speaking, an announcement of support of same sex marriage may have been better if Obama is reelected, since really we all knew he was in support of it before Joe’s little mess. But I don’t think that was an option. I just hope this public declaration didn’t just cause a bunch of people to jump on the Mitt ship.

**In full disclosure, Lauren and I are absolutely fiscal conservatives and social liberals. Everytime an election comes up, we weigh each candidate in each party to see which best fits our ideology. We have both voted for republicans proudly, as well as democrats. I think for us at the present time, same sex marriage and equal protections under the law outweigh some of our fiscal concerns, but that varies. I am not as bleeding-heart as some of my close friends and family members, and that is ok with me.**


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